Sampler Size - Bubble Bandit Dishwasher Detergent with Phosphates. 16 wash cycles in a 1 lb bag.

  • $ 20.98
  • Save $ 5

Sample bag of 16 (1 oz) wash cycles of automatic dishwasher detergent with natural phosphates. Cleans your dishes like they use to be. Eliminates limescale buildup, white film & water spots in hard water. ALL-IN-ONE (Soak, Wash & Rinse).

    • Institutional food service powder formulated for all low temperature under-counter dishwashers.
    • Now free of perfumes, clear of dyes.
    • Safe for septic systems and proudly made in USA
    • Comes with a 10% discount for purchase of any full size product.
  • NEW USERS: Bubble Bandit will clean your dishwasher as well as your dishes. Just as your glasses, cutlery and dishware have accumulated streaks and film, your dishwasher may have developed significant accumulations of hard water deposits and other sediments inside the drums and jets. Running the dishwasher with Bubble Bandit will loosen this accumulation so it can be rinsed out of the machine. Depending on the amount of deposits that have built up in your machine, this may take quite a few cycles during which time your dishes may appear to look worse before they look better. If this happens to you, we suggest you run your machine empty with Bubble Bandit several times to clear the debris and thereafter you should enjoy sparkling clear glasses and dishware.

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