Natural Phosphate Facts

Phosphate products are a significant part of everyday living. In addition to their versatility, government authorities also recognize them as safe for worker exposure and handling and for use in the home.
In many water bodies, phosphorus is the limiting nutrient and controlling its level is an important step in preventing eutrophication. In most areas, most of the phosphorus comes from the environment itself, and only a fraction from consumer products.


Phosphates act as a key ingredient in many of Bubble Bandit cleaning products and detergents. They serve multiple functions, providing properties that increased the effectiveness of a variety of products. Phosphates help remove any hardness ions present in the water (such as calcium, magnesium, or iron), which allows other components in the cleaning process to work more effectively. And, phosphates help remove dirt particles from the surface being cleaned, through the suspension of fine particles for efficient removal in the rinse. Because of phosphate's buffering capabilities, soil and other cleaning components are prevented from shifting the pH of a cleaning solution, which can diminish its optimum cleaning efficiency range. Phosphates offer a trio of benefits: the application of phosphates prepares the water or cleaning environment then traps and holds the dirt or oils so that it can be rinsed away.

Interesting Fact-

Only 1.9% of the total phosphorus in Minnesota waterways came from residential use of automatic dishwasher detergents.
Based on these results, the state of Minnesota dropped its emphasis on home detergents and began working on broader phosphorus reduction initiatives.

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