For clean dishes and laundry you need the power of natural phosphates – Bandito Products, LLC

Want Cleaner Clothes & Sparkling Dishes?

The Four Pack is a Great Value!Remember when you did not even think about your just worked, your dishes and laundry always came out bright and sparkling clean? Well...with Bubble Bandit's natural phosphates you can have that kind of clean again!

Phosphates act as a key ingredient in many Bubble Bandit cleaning products and detergents. They serve multiple functions, providing properties that increased the effectiveness of most everything we make. Phosphates help remove any hardness ions present in the water (such as calcium, magnesium, or iron), which allows other components in the cleaning process to work more effectively. And, phosphates help remove dirt particles from the surface being cleaned, through the suspension of fine particles for efficient removal in the rinse. Because of phosphates buffering capabilities, soil and other cleaning components are prevented from shifting the pH of Bubble Bandit, which can diminish the optimum cleaning efficiency range of most other detergents.