Bubble Bandit Laundry Detergent in Convenient 46-oz Resealable Bag - Single Bag. Our same all-in-one exceptional Laundry Detergent now in a smaller, more convenient package.

  • $ 34.99

Bubble Bandit Powdered Laundry Detergent in a convenient 46-oz Resealable Bag. Our powerful formula, packed with phosphate, offers freshness in each pack. With a refreshing clean scent, this laundry soap powder is safe for all fabrics and compatible with all greywater and septic systems. Comes with a measuring scoop.

Our unique institutional formula is blended with natural phosphates, soil dispersants, and optical brighteners. Bubble Bandit is a good cleaner at all temperatures and at low concentrations. Due to the amount and power of the optical brightening system Bubble Bandit laundry powder produces brilliant colors and bright whites. Bleaching is seldom necessary with the regular use of this detergent. It completely eliminates deeply embedded stains and odors. Bubble Bandit's advanced formula gently cleans clothes and rinses completely, leaving no residue behind. Use it for washing all types of fabrics.

For use in all top-loading and front-loading machines including HE.

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