AGED INVENTORY-Box of 50 - Dishwasher Detergent Portion Control Packets. 100+ boxes available until gone.

  • $ 19.00
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Box of fifty (1 oz) easy to use portion control packets of automatic dishwasher detergent with natural phosphates. Cleans your dishes like they use to be. Eliminates limescale buildup, white film & water spots in hard water. ALL-IN-ONE (Soak, Wash & Rinse).

  • 50+ boxes of 50 Portion Control packets, available to ship after 1/31/18.
  • These packets are 12 - 18 months old.
  • Some yellowing of the plastic bags.
  • Some clumping and solidifying of the powder.
  • Clumped powder can be crumbled by simply shaking the 1 oz. packages.
  • Our Chemists assure us this inventory will clean as well as it should.