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It's Not Your Dishwasher...
You Need Phosphate in Your Soap!

Remember when you didn't even think about your dishwasher detergent...it just worked, your dishes always came out sparkling clean? Well... you can have that kind of clean again!

The frustrations of thousands of people like you galvanized us to develop a commercial grade automatic dishwasher detergent that would function well in a low temperature under- the- counter dishwasher environment.

Besides including the maximum amount of phosphate allowed for commercial and institutional food service use (8.7%), we went a step further and took out most of the inert fillers that were used in your old detergents to add weight and volume. This makes Bubble Bandit mighty powerful, and why you only need to use 2 to 3 tablespoons  in each wash cycle.

89% of the United States has hard water. In an area with hard water, "phosphate free" detergents are not doing the job. Phosphates are extremely helpful in areas with hard water because they keep calcium and magnesium ions suspended, thus preventing them from interfering with the cleaning process.

Bubble Bandit cleans your dishes the way they use to be.

More effective than any other product out there and yet not harsh enough to harm your dishwasher.